When someone tries to take my food


When someone tries to take my food

YTF :]




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They ‘re back together :DD yaaaaaay

I know the real reason why abdc got cancelled!


It’s not the real reason of course It’s the first time a crew without any asians win. 

Take a look to all crews

Jabba : Almost all Asians

Super crew : Almost all Asians 

Quest crew : HOT ASS ASIANS ♥

We are heroes : 2 asians

Poreotics : Asians oh yeah

Iamme : Moon

Electrolytes : NO ASIAN = SHOW CANCELLED  


Dude when I saw Jr’s parents jumping and when he hit that high note , the tears went out like BOOM ! I can’t even explain how happy/proud I felt 

I just love you Jr good luck

RIP To Ryan’s haircut :( we’ll miss you

YTF Radar: Andrew and Ryan = wut ?

What is air xDDD DYING lmao